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Thinking of a PhD? To-do list.

Updated: Jan 28

Are you thinking of a PhD in Social Sciences from the West(ern countries)? To-do list in the simplest manner possible.

Let’s get straight to the point. You need to think of the following four things to pursue a PhD:

1. What will it be about? So, think of your Research proposal (Areas/Topics etc.).

2. Where will it be? So, think of the countries, universities (for the offer letter), and Professors (to guide you as your PhD supervisors).

3. When should you begin the application process? So, the deadlines (the most important). Usually, most universities do September/October entry, but some universities do twin entries- one in September/October and another one in January-ish. It would be best if you prepared a table of the deadlines along with the universities’ names.

4. How will you fund it? So, think of the funding.

Funding can be arranged in the following ways:

A. By yourself (yes, people do self-fund their PhD either with their own hard-earned money, their parental/ancestral wealth, or by generous crowdfunding or a combination of these).

B. Through some funding/scholarship organisations such as the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission of the UK, Rhodes Scholarship for the UK (to study at the University of Oxford) and several others for the UK, USA, Europe, Canada, Australia, and so on. This is the most sought-after way to fund a PhD and so the competition is high, but you can certainly get it (as many folks before you have got it).

C. University scholarship, bursaries, or Graduate Teaching Assistantship for example here, here, and here.

D. A combination of the above.

So, there you go folks! Just remember these four things (to begin with). Hope this helps.

I wish you all the best in your PhD application(s) being successful and look forward to seeing you someday after you become a ''Dr.''

Believe in YOURSELF!!!

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