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The meaning of life is to give life meaning.



Viktor E. Frankl

From the Ganga to the Thames

My journey began in Barh, a small town (in the Patna district) on the banks of the serene Ganga (Ganges) River, around 40 miles from the Patna Junction railway station in the magnificent and historically rich state of Bihar. I was born here and did my schooling in a Hindi medium school till class 5. Thereafter, I travelled and lived in multiple places from Ranchi (Jharkhand) to Patna (Bihar) to Hyderabad (Telangana) to the Indian capital city of Delhi, moving from one to another English medium boarding school, and then to different universities. After finishing my undergrad Law degree, I also cleared the All India Bar Examination and registered myself as a lawyer with the Bihar State Bar Council, thereby becoming eligible to practice law in India. During my MPhil at the JNU in India, I also passed the UGC-NET exam and was able to secure a Junior Research Fellowship from the Indian government that sustained me economically with the freedom to focus on my research. In 2017, my pursuit of learning brought me to London (the UK)- the city of the Thames- where I completed my PhD on a Commonwealth Scholarship funded by the UK government. Being the first person in the family to pursue research and choose academia as a career was never easy. This journey, in its latter stage, taught me that the very thought of pursuing higher education, research, writing, and academia as a career and continuing to do so demands an enthusiasm to bring diverse experiences into these domains of knowledge production and a passionate de-linking of caste and profession in the Indian subcontinental context. It also requires "epistemic de-linking" to decolonise thoughts and actions in the global context. I have been continuously motivating myself in this regard while also trying to convince and support the first-generation learners and university-goers, who were denied access to education, to enter and excel in research & academia through various platforms.

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