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I have reviewed research articles for the following International academic journals as part of their rigorous blind peer-reviewing process to further the goal of knowledge production. 


It is a leading, peer-reviewed journal of original research and thinking in the field. The journal seeks to reflect the vibrancy of the disciplines of criminology and criminal justice throughout the UK and internationally. It publishes work of the highest quality and academic rigour from around the world and across all areas of criminology and criminal justice. It is interdisciplinary in nature and is devoted to providing an international forum for critical debate and policy discussions of criminological and criminal justice research findings. As the official journal of the British Society of Criminology, Criminology & Criminal Justice encourages the submission of articles that are of interest to an international and/or British readership.

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It covers an exceptionally broad spectrum of human rights issues: human rights and the law, race, religion, gender, children, class, refugees and immigration. In addition to these general areas, the journal publishes articles and reports on the human rights aspects of: genocide, torture, capital punishment and the laws of war and war crimes. 

This journal is essential reading for academics and students of political science and international law, officers in relevant NGOs, lawyers, politicians and civil servants, human rights activists, and the interested general public.

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Indian Law Review is an academic-led, double-blind peer-reviewed, generalist journal on the laws of the Indian subcontinent. The objects and purposes of the Journal, inter alia, are:

• To publish peer-reviewed scholarship about the laws of the Indian subcontinent spanning all areas of law, including comparative perspectives that engage with the laws of the Indian subcontinent.
• To offer a forum for the community of scholars who work on laws of the Indian subcontinent, both within and outside the subcontinent.

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