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In India...

I had my first experience of being a teacher in India at my alma mater NALSAR, where I was pursuing my LLM. I applied for a Teaching Assistantship role and got selected to teach Constitutional Law to LLB students. This provided me with a taste of classroom teaching, of being on the other side of the table - the preparation, challenges, students' questions, and learning experiences. As this position acted as a replacement for a module in the final semester of my LLM degree, I had to be marked based on my teaching performance and student feedback. I got an 'Outstanding (80%+)' grade. 

Thereafter, I worked as a guest faculty member in the Faculty of Law at the University of Delhi. This came at the time when I finished my MPhil from JNU and was actively looking for a teaching position because of several issues I was then grappling with. This was also the first time I taught a cohort of mature students, and gained the experience of managing a big classroom. 

White Structure

Teaching duties


September- December

Assistant Professor (Law), Law Centre-I, Faculty of Law,
University of Delhi (India)

LLBDelhi Rent Control Act


Teaching Assistant, NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad (India)

LLB: Constitutional Law

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